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Full Body Relaxation Treatment:

This session is a custom service dedicated and designed to give you deep relaxation. The pressure is typically light to medium. Any areas of concern will be addressed prior to your session so we can deliver some pain relief as well as relaxation and deep meditation.


  30 Minutes  $  30

  60 Minutes $  60

  90 Minutes $  85

 120 Minutes $ 125

*No Discount on 120 Minutes


Deep Tissue/Sports/Lymphatic/Thai/Pregnancy:

These massage sessions are custom sessions depending on what your needs and preferences are. Therapists who perform these speciality services are all Holistic Health Practitioners.


  30  Minutes $ 38

  60 Minutes $  70

  90 Minutes $  95

 120 Minutes $ 140


*No Discount on 120 Minute or Native Dream



Native Dream 90 Minute Signature Massage:

Enjoy a relaxing 90 Minute full body massage with a sensory journey beginning with an Aromatic Infusion to relax, balance and renew. We then use Hot Stones to release tension on your back,  followed with a Citrus Sensory Scrub on arms and lower legs and end with a Scalp Massage.

90 Minutes $165



Massage Enhancements


Hot Stones $  25

~Add  Hot Stones to your session for deeper relief and heightened relaxation. Therapists map out your areas of pain and then use the stones in their hands to warm up these areas and allow the muscle to release naturally. We never place hot stones directly on you, instead we use them in a continuos motion to ensure you never expereince discomfort or excessive heat.


Moroccan Citrus Scrub $  25

~Add a scrub to your arms and legs that will exfoliate and apply moisture to dry skin.


Moroccan Argon Oil $  25

~This intense hydrating oil can be used in replace of massage oil to give deeper relief to dry skin and add in an amazing aromatic smell. Skin may stay hydrated for up to 3 days.


Pure Aroma Detox $  35

~Pure essential oils create an aromatic journey that helps reduce stress, enhance immunity, reduce inflammation & homeostasis (balance within). These oils are dropped down the spine at the beginning of your session and are massaged lightly using a healing touch. Highly recommended for clients who have a hard time relaxing,  recent illnesses or who enjoy Aromatherapy.



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