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Arts- $145 each class/includes instruction and materials.  Class is 2-3 hours in length



*Create a Storyboard with your Wisdom Keepers:

Bring an elder or wisdom keeper into mind that you respect.  Create a journal, book, song, chant through memories shared.  Art supplies provided to draw, right, create!


*Create Sacred Wooded Wall Hanging Geometry:

Through weaving colorful yarn, or piecing various wood create your own design to be used in meditation or placed in your sacred space.



Floral Mist

Floral mist can be used to energetic cleanse or rejuvenate your space or body.  Learn to make your own and use at home.



Create your personal roll on essential oil for the mind and emotions:

Learn how the healing properties of essential oils and how to use a carrier oil to become a healing effect.



Floral Press Art:

Bring Mother Earth’s gift into your home by pressing flowers or leaves.  Hang your design to bring memory of respect and harmony of your environment.



Chakra Wands:

Create your own chakra wand to heal yourself or others.  Learn what chakras mean and how to rebalance to create healthy energetic pathways.



Vision Boards:

Create a story and view your visions, intentions, goals, accomplishments.  How would you like your life intentions to flow with positive energy?  By guided use of the Fire Spirit and using your Air Spirit, you can create a flow like magic!  Design your vision.


Healing Sessions by Karen Waconda


October 8-13,2019

November 12-17, 2019


All Healing Services are on donation given from the heart.

Call 619.722.1268 to book

To learn more about Karen, visit her website of her New Mexico facility.

Click the link below:




Sound Healing through Tibetan bowls, tuning forks or Native drumming.  Feel the vibration that effect the cells for healing to occur and uplift your mood


Sweatlodge ceremony - come enter into a deep purification, clarification and renewal ceremony through steam created by pouring sacred water on heated (Grandfathers-rocks) in a covered lodge.  You will be guided to respect sacred protocols.


Rebalance your chakras through healing stones, sound and energy.  By placement of chakra stones around your body and through vibration of sound, feel the balance of each 7 sacred centers in your body


Hands on healing through essential oils, flower essence or crystals.  Become open and union with the medicines as you relax on a warm inviting table.




Specialized Healing by Karen Waconda

Available October 8-13,2019

Rates for Specialized Healing: $150/hour




Cancer recovery - through sacred ceremony and enter into a deep discussion with your fear, pain, isolation, etc., it is held with love and compassion.  Next, you enter into a sacred space we work on the body, mind and spirit to recover, rejuvenate, and strengthen your cellular level and memory.  Each session is unique and specialized to your needs.  At times, sound vibration, detoxing, light massage, minerals, flower essence, essential oils maybe used to uncover deeper trauma.  Additional sessions may be required.·


Depression and anxiety - At times One needs to be held in a sacred lodge and with a compassionate ear.  By bringing in our sacred directions, elements, and touch, talking out or crying out can become the medicine.  One’s inner core will be assisted to heal and feel the sacred medicine to unite.  This may call for several sessions.


Grief - life takes us through many transitions that our heart may feel the pain unexpectedly.  A sacred space and movement to heal the mind, heart, and core may move the energy forward. Using the sacred elements, vibration healing, essential oils, or hands on healing can strengthen the natural rhythm of your heart and connect the mind by wiping the tears.


Chronic Illness - arthritic, diabetes, auto immune suppressed, eczema, psoriasis, etc.  All are individualized healing as each person and situation is unique in habitual holding patterns, ancestral trauma, or dietary, mental or emotional patterns.  Most times, western medication is placed on the alter and strict protocols are used to enhance spiritual healing.


For rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic muscle and joint pain, CBT massage is an additional $40.





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