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We Apologize, We Have RE-CLOSED for the SECOND time DUE TO COVID-19


We regret to inform you that we are re-closed for the second time. Due to Covid-19, the Governor of California has re-shut hair salons, nail salons and massage in San Diego County (and many other major cities & counties).


We hope to re-open soon! 


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Safety Guidelines we plan on continuing once we re-open: 


All doors, counters, clip boards and pens are wiped down (with hospital grade disinfectant) before your service and immediately following session or any possible contamination. 


We disinfect all shoes at check in.


Our floor is mopped with bleach and hot water as each therapist checks out and after any possible contamination.


Air purifiers & fans are being ran and doors are being left open to ensure plenty of fresh air is moving through out the building.


Temperature Check Station at Check-In for all staff and clients.


Hospital grade disinfectants are placed in every room to keep our salon clean and everyone as safe as possible!


We wash our hands or disinfect them upon check-in and after every possible contamination. We also wear new, disposable gloves while performing hair and nail services


Do YOUR PART to Keep US SAFE too:


We have members of our staff care-giving for elders with pre-existing medical conditions.

Reschedule your appointment if you have or have had any Coronavirus type symptoms OR have possibly been exposed to anyone with Coronavirus or Coronavirus like symptoms within 14 days of your appointment.


Reschedule your appointment 14 days out if you have attended / or plan on attending ANY SIZE social gathering where you will remove your mask around anyone you do not currently live with.


Do not travel out of the country 14 days prior to your appointment.


Wear your mask at all times while visiting Viejas Outlet. This includes completely covering your nose and mouth and wearing mask at all times (CDC recommends even while outside). Please cancel if you cannot cover your nose or cannot wear a face mask during your entire service. 


We cannot offer ANY discounts on any service at this time. We have had to factor in additional time to clean before and after each client and are 60% below normal in staffing and this has impacted the number of clients we can see per day. We ask that you do not ask for discounts, as none are being given at this point. If you have a prepaid package, we will honor these rates, but cannot extend the same rates once your package is complete. 



YOU Must Book an Appointment WHEN WE REOPEN. 

Sorry,  No Walk-In Availability


Spa Party!

Consider our spa for your next celebration!

Prices as low as $45** per person for 2 Spa Services!!

 Holiday Parties, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Bridal Parties, Retirement Parties, Prayer Groups and Staff Appreciation....Any Gathering, we can host your special event here. We will offer your group discounted rates, beverages to sip on and our team of Healers will give your loved ones a relaxing spa experience! We can accomidate groups of up to 4 people per hour.

Email Tangerine for more information at:



Open 7 Days a Week- Once we re-open

By Appointment Only

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